Infusion Tallinn is an annual Tribal Fusion Festival that takes place in Tallinn, Estonia. First Festival took place in 2012. Festival`s main goal is to offer dance workshops from best dancers around the world, to produce professional theatre show with local performers and abroad. Our goal is also to bring dancers together to meet, network and share the passion for dance.

So far, Infusion Tallinn has hosted one of the best dancers from the scene: Samantha Emanuel, April Rose, Kami Liddle, Violet Scrap, Alexis Southall, Illan Riviere and Lamia. We continue the work to be the annual get together for performers, students and dancers. Organizer: Jaana Hansman / Yahna


Infusion Tallinn Teacher Amy Sigil (USA)

Amy Sigil is an international instructor in dance and team building, director of UNMATA, owner of Hot Pot Studios and the creator of Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS).  She has been studying dance for over 20 years with training in Bellydance, American Tribal Style, Hula, Tahitian, Volleyball, Basketball and Track.  

Infusion Tallinn  Laura Luna (FIN)

Laura Luna is a Tribal Fusion artist and teacher from Helsinki. Belly Dance came into her life on 2001 in the form of Oriental style, and around that time she also became a practitioner of Yoga, but it was eventually Tribal Fusion that really ignited the passion in her to become a performer and a teacher. She has been offering regular classes and workshops since 2011 and is known for her clear breakdown of technique, killer playlists and slightly silly character. As a producer she has brought to life such events as Tribal Summer Camp Finland, Underground Cabaret and Café Bohemia. Her student group Kaira Tribe has been seen on stage at Infusion Tallinn numerous times, and now she is also working as the artistic director of Ophidia dance company. In 2017 she graduated Rachel Brices 8 Elements program and became a certified Datura Style(tm) teacher, and has been teaching the format regularly ever since. Besides studying extensively in the US with Brice, Laura has traveled around the world to learn from a long list of amazing dancers and keeps being a forever student in the art form. As a dancer her style is fluid and builds on strong musicality and Belly Dance foundation, she loves the magical old school Tribal flavor but also experiments with her own mix of styles. In recent years she has been diving deeper in to free style improvisation and really enjoys sharing her collection of tools and tricks with other dancers. What could be more fun than playing together?

Besides dance career she has a degree in fine arts and has been creating unique handmade jewelry and costume pieces for over a decade. She is a founding member of a local artist/artesan collective Oivallus. 

Infusion Tallinn Teacher Yahna (EST)

Yahna is one of the first tribal fusion dancers in Estonia and she is the main organizer of Infusion Tallinn Festival. Yahna is dancer in several dance genres. She teaches, performs and participates in battles with tribal fusion, bellydance, twerk, stripdance and vogue and learns different urban styles. Yahnas passion is also yoga, food and nutrition and different movements. She finds inspiration from around the world and its people.     



Infusion Tallinn  workshops offer great opportunity for you to learn new skills & meet famous teachers around the world. Dont miss out & book your workshop pass or pre buy single workshop tickets.



Show Programme


Infusion Tallinn  workshops offer great opportunity for you to learn new skills and meet famous teachers around the world.

Dont miss out and book your all workshop pass now! You can pre buy single workshop ticket too. We host group dinners and lunches after workshop so we would love to see you there. Read more about workshops from Programme.

Infusion Tallinn Shows are the best highlight of our Infusion Tallinn events. Come and see our amazing performers on stage and meet them afterwards!