Friday 17th of April 2020

17.30-19.30 AMY Sigil LOVE – A power flow
This workshop is all about LOVE.  A Dance designed to manifest peace, power and inspiration.
A demonstration of movement with direction and intent.  Come heart open and ready to fall in

Level: Open

19:40-21:10 Yahna – Social media marketing for dancers
Are you looking for ways to grow your following and spread your message about your art and
classes? And therefore increase your income. Look no more. With information from years of
marketing workshops, articles, lectures and experiences I am sharing my knowledge so you can
too be better at finding new and proved ways to promote yourself.
You can be a dancer, artist, teacher or a person who is not a dancer, but an artist from a different
field – this workshop will improve your knowledge.

Saturday 18th of April 2020

10.00-12.00 Laura Luna – Shoot from the hip!
Improvisation! That alluring, scary and exciting world of expressing yourself in the moment…
Would you like to bring more flow into your dance, learn to improvise from scratch or cultivate
your skills into performing improvised on stage? Do you get stuck at repeating the same thing all
over again or is letting go a challenge for you? Lets play!

Laura Luna has been giving several intensives on this subject and is now bringing her best games
and practices to share with Infusion Tallinn dancers! Ditch your doubts and join in on a
movement session that will give you lots of tools to work with at your own level. This workshop
is not necessarily style specific so you can participate with other dance background than Tribal
Fusion too. Some previous dance experience is recommended. Bring an open mind and a

Level: intermediate/advanced

12.15-14.15 Yahna – Fierce Queen
This workshop will awake your Fierce Queen within inside. This is for both extroverts who need
the ways to express themselves, and introverts, who need a challenge to step outside of their
comfort zone. For every type, this workshop is meant to emotionally lift you up with fierce
music and big and bold movements. And challenge you physically, with sharp locks, fast
movement and approaches from different movement styles.

Level: open

14.30-17.30 14.30-17.30 Amy Sigil – HI!  My name is Improvisational Tribal Style, ITS nice to
meet you!
This workshop starts at the very beginning of UNMATA's improvisational vocabulary.  The
concepts, the stall moves, leader position, lead changes, circles and shorelines.  Inspired by
Carolen'a American Tribal Style then re-vamped and re-styled to fit the powerhouse that is

Level: Open

20.00 Infusion Tallinn Show
More info TBA!
Tickets: 10eur/15eur (at door)

Sunday 19th of April 2020

11.00-14.00 11.00-14.00 Amy Sigil – Choreography Intensive

Ripped straight from the stage, wrap your head around this Sigil UNMATA Choreography.  This
is a unique chance to feel what it's like from the inside of one of UNMATA's fiery
performances!  Surgeon General's Warning:  This product is known to the State of Hot Pot to
cause sweating, laughter, tattoos and Divine Inebriation.

Level: Open

14.15-16:45 Laura Luna – Datura Style(tm) Belly Dance
Do you love the style of Rachel Brice and the flair of the old Indigo? Then this workshop is
definitely a must! Datura Style is a Tribal Fusion format created by Brice herself. You can read
her own description of the style here
This workshop will focus on the vocabulary side; steps, moves and combos, that can be used as
tools for (group) improvisation or building a choreography. Level is suitable for all dancers from
beginners to advanced. On the list for this workshop are serpentine old school style moves like
Sidewinder, Windmill and Twisting Mardi, and many fun and challenging combos such as
Compton Shuffle, Camel Walk Double Turn and Cab Maya. Come get a taste of some classic
Tribal Fusion!
Laura Luna is a certified Datura Style teacher.

Level: open

Ticket prices for workshops and shows

Amy workshop 3h – 50eur
Amy workshop 2h – 40eur
Laura Luna workshop 2h – 35eur
Yahna workshop 2h – 35eur
Yahna workshop 1,5h – 20 eur

Package “I love 2 dance” 15,5h (all workshops) – 199eur
Infusion Tallinn presale ticket – 10eur

Info and workshop registration:


Workshops will be held at:
Müstika Tantsustuudios
Tatari 64, VI korrus, Tallinn
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